Saturday, July 7, 2012

Eggplant Tempura

Many had asked for healthy alternatives to the food recipes I normally post. And here I am, searching and racking my brains to check the healthiest recipes I have in my storage box (a.k.a. hard drive). This blog page will be dedicated solely to healthier alternatives to the offerings I post.

And as a first recipe, I'd like you to try Eggplant Tempura. Even if the name of this dish suggests a batter, this is just a very light coating of whisked eggs, salt and pepper, pan fried in vegetable oil.

Slice the eggplants, 3 cm thick and right away dip it in the whisked egg mixture.

Serve this with a fresh tomato, onion and cucumber salsa. Mix with either salt or fish sauce, if available.
Can be eaten with rice, couscous or as a side dish.


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